MyEclipse Taken to the Cleaners…

I stumbled across an amusing graphics usage. It reminded me of the the embarrassment O’Reilly had with the cover art it used for “Head First Design Patterns”. You can read about that on:, Panasonic Youth, and The Fishbowl.

Back to the point of this post. I, being an old user of MyEclipse, used to hit their site on a regular basis. There is a decently attractive female (I think she looks like Katie Holmes, do you?) located in the top-left corner of the page. I used to joke to myself, “is that the MyEclipse logo, or their President, maybe CEO.” I even went as far as to look on the Genuitec site to see if she was listed somewhere as an employee. I found it an odd placement for a marketing model and just assumed she worked for/on MyEclipse/Genuitec.

That was months ago. I long ago switched to Eclipse Web Tools Platform and hadn’t been back to the MyEclipse site since. Then last night as I was opening the mail I stumbled across an envelope filled with weekly coupons. In it was one for my local dry-cleaners. BUT… The funny thing was the model they used to promote their cleaners. It was the same picture/girl on the MyEclipse site.

Don’t believe me. See for yourself.

MyEclipse Homepage

Scanned image of cleaners ad

Too funny when stuff like this happens.

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  1. Rob Sanheim

    She does laundry AND develops a Java IDE! Sounds like quite the catch.

  2. pete

    same girl? shit…it’s the same picture.

    i must say i’m impressed with your skills at recognizing previously seen hot chicks.

    been playing a lot of the memory card game with Noah?

  3. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Rob…

    My question is can she do dry-cleaning WHILE writing a Java IDE? That would be multi-tasking.


  4. Erik Weibust


    You like my skills? I’m a memory pro. So is Noah. 🙂 He can spot a hot chic a mile away.


  5. a brown

    It’s pretty common for this to happen when people use royalty-free stock photography. Anybody can buy the CD of “business images.” That’s why designers and companies who care either get the photos produced themselves or exclusively license it.

    I’ve seen department stores have the same photos on their “staff diversity” posters as the DMV.

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