First Place Cubs…

First Place Cubs

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Well, the Cubs aren’t in 1st in the Central, but their record is good enough that they would be in 1st in 3 of the 6 divisions in baseball.

And another way to look at things is this. The NL Central is so good that the other 5 1st place teams in baseball would at best be in 4th place in the NL Central. There is some damn good baseball being played in the Central this year.

The Wild Card ain’t coming out of the East this year. You can pencil that one in, and it’s still April.

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  1. pete

    what a load of crap. you’re pathetic. last i checked, you had to be at the TOP of the standings to be in first place.

    you’re not even in 2nd place…..or 3rd…..THAT LOOKS LIKE 4TH PLACE TO ME!

  2. pete

    and yes, the west is HORRIBLE….that’s no excuse for spouting blasphemy about a 4th place team being in first….

  3. pete

    I just can’t stop…

    …unfortunately for you, a string central top to bottom means that wild card probably won’t come from that division. You can thank the unbalanced schedule for that one. When you are playing 19 games against the astros, cards, and reds, the Giants will be playing minor league teams from arizona and colorado.

  4. Erik Weibust

    I’m not above blacklisting my best friend from leaving comments on this website. 🙂


  5. pete

    cough!….5th place ….cough!

  6. Erik Weibust

    Screw you Pete!

    At least the Cubs aren’t in LAST PLACE like your Giants. 😉

    Go Cubs! See you in San Fran for 3 starting Tue. Then we’ll know who sucks and who sucks worse.


  7. pete

    the cubs are in last place last place!

    ….well they’re not really, but they would be in 3 of the other 6 divisions.

    now you know how rediculous your original post here was. can you delete it? i think it jinxed the cubs. they have gone 4-16 since you posted this. delete it now!

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