Cubs Suck…

Yeah, I know just a week or so ago I was saying how good the Cubs were. Well, now they’ve lost 9 of 10. They can’t score a single friggin’ run. They obviously can’t hit. There middle relief is horrible. Man, do I LOVE the Cubs!

When does Wood and Prior get back?

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  1. pete


  2. Tina

    cubs are horrible its hilarious they are sissys when they cant play so they hit things

  3. eerg

    what do you mean there middle relief sucks!! they have one of the best pens its just that there overworked when the starters can only go 3innings

  4. Erik Weibust

    This is a waste of time to argue. A month ago I would argue it. Now, the team is done and it isn’t friggin’ July.



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