Mavs Win…

The Dallas Mavericks won an awesome Game 7 last night in overtime beating the reining NBA champs, the San Antonio Spurs. I’d like to post a few observations on the game last night, and the series as a whole.

First, Jason Terry damn near blew the whole season for the Mavs in Game 5. The only way to describe what he did is stupid. The guy can play, but he came to Dallas with a “past” (not so good, past that is). You didn’t see it much in the last year and a half, but it showed in Game 5. You can say a lot of things about what went wrong in Game 6, but if Terry wasn’t an idiot, and if he played in Game 6, we would not have needed 7 games. Guys like Terry are dangerous to have on a team. His talent is top notch, but with an attitude like his, with a temper like his, it can sometimes cost you.

Second, I never knew what a little baby Tim Duncan is. That guy cried and cried about every call that didn’t go his way. Grow up Duncan. Act like the big man you are supposed to be.

Lastly, the Mavs are, “for real.” They just beat what most people thought was the best team in the NBA. They looked good doing it. And, with Terry in Game 6 they would have won in 6 games. I see no reason/problem the Mavs can’t blow through the Suns and go on to the NBA Finals.

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  1. Andy

    Game 7 was great. Now since a punch is an automatic suspension; what is an elbow to the face breaking a guys nose? I just want to see Tim “Whiny” Duncan get a fine. Suspension at the beginning of the season is meaningless but maybe he can be suspended for the next Mavs-Spurs matchup. Stern makes up the rules as he goes along anyway.

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