Shure Rocks…

I wanted to take a few seconds and give Shure some praise here. They make high-end in-ear headphones among other musical equipment. Anyhow, last November I evaluated a number of products looking for something to replace the headphones that came with my iPod. I ended up going with the Shure E2c’s. They were a little bit more then I wanted to spend, but they produced awesome sound. Another benefit was the 2 year warranty.

Well, after 7 months use the cord near the right ear bud cracked, exposing the bare wires. At first I was mad, thinking I wasted $100 on the expensive headphones. Then I remembered the warranty. I sent in my headphones for service, not even knowing if the damage was under warranty, and five days later I had a brand new pair mailed back to me. There were no questions about the damage or how it happened. Just a brand new pair of headphones to enjoy. I had the same problem with the first pair of Apple headphones I had and have no doubt they would have laughed at me if I asked them to replace them. Shure did it without even a question.

Go buy some Shure headphones, you’ll be happy you did.

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  1. Jeb

    Shure makes top quality kit. I have enjoyed the E3c’s flawless performance for over a year. It took a while to get the sizing right. Without a good seal the bass performance suffers. Also, The E3 uses a much smaller driver than E2 so they’re great for those having a smallish ear cannal.

  2. Irene

    Hi mate,I had the Sennheiser RS120. And now I bought the RS180. But I necotid that with RS120, in certain rooms of the house, behind walls etc., when the signal was weaker, never cut the sound completely, just made a little noise. With RS180, so there is a slight loss of signal, it cuts? through the sound, which makes their use a little annoying. Why this difference? When the RS180 cost three times more expensive than the RS120?:/

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