Back on JBoss…

I’m back out at TI working on an enhancement project for a webapp that I spent four months “enhancing” the end of last year. Without going into too many details it’s an interesting “home grown” web framework using some struts, some portal-like concepts, a lot of JSP, and it all runs on JBoss 3.2.5.

The last time I worked on this application was my first experience with JBoss in a production setting. I really enjoyed how easy JBoss was to work with. The learning curve wasn’t steep, but it being my only project with JBoss I’ll have to revisit that learning process again as I get back up to speed with JBoss.

A couple JBoss questions for the JBoss people out there (Frank I hope you read this). Does anybody use jboss-3.2.5? Is there any reason I should or shouldn’t be using 3.2.5?

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