Eclipse, what the heck is CHKJ3000E?

Here is one of those friggin’ annoying problems. I saw this about 6 months ago while “trying out” the Eclipse Web Tools Project. Can somebody tell me what the heck this error is:

CHKJ3000E: WAR Validation Failed: java.lang.NullPointerException

It’s an error tied to the root of my Dynamic Web Project. There is nothing tricky going on in the project. It’s actually a very basic “Hello World” project testing a new web framework. Anyhow, I have to believe it’s somehow tied to the WTP.

I posted something about the problem the last time I saw it on the Eclispe WTP forums and got nothing helpful back. Anyhow, the thread can be read at:

The ironic thing is that about a week or so ago I was emailed by somebody much smarter then me who was having the problem. He had no idea what the error meant and couldn’t find a solution. Hopefully, he’ll read this and have a solution. 🙂

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  1. Rich Shonk

    Not sure if this will help or not. I had the same error with a project. Mine was tied to the following invalid segment in the web.xml

    <error-page id=”ExceptionTypeErrorPage_1″>

    The exception type tag should be a fully qualified Java class name. Once I corrected this tag, the CHKJ3000E error cleared.

    My best guess is you have an error in your web.xml with a value inside one of your tags.

    Good luck,

  2. Klaus

    Project Clean … helped me.

    Good luck,

  3. Erik Weibust

    Thanks for the tips guys. Klaus, I’ve tried the refresh many times and that never helped. Rich, I’ll take a look at the values in my web.xml. That sounds like a possible place for the problem.

    On a side note, I haven’t seen the problem since moving to 3.2.


  4. Darren Lester

    The ‘Clean…’ option under the Project menu worked for me also. Thanks guys.


  5. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Darren,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m not having to fight this problem right now as I’ve upgraded Eclipse. I’ll let you know if I see the problem again.


  6. David Lippa

    I got the same error you did… without an exception in my web.xml file… and I haven’t changed it since yesterday when it worked just fine!

  7. Matthias Kretschmar

    I’m having a similar problem: CHKJ3000E: WAR Validation Failed: org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.commonarchivecore.internal.exception.DeploymentDescriptorLoadException: WEB-INF/web.xml.
    The strange thing is, we are working in a team. Everyone has the same web.xml and only I have problems with it.
    I’m working with Eclipse 3.2.1 (WTP). My latest installed plugins are JIRA and Mylar und some patches of Eclipse.
    Has anyone a solution?

  8. Matthias Kretschmar

    Now I resolved the problem for myself after some weeks. I removed the project from Eclipse and readded it from cvs. The error did not reappear until now. Maybe it has something to do with internal caches of Eclipse, because my files did not change.

  9. ivan di maro

    good suggestion!
    Removing the project and readding it from cvs worked for me too.

  10. Morten Simonsen

    The trick for me was to go to preferences an turn OFF validation of WAR. Then do something with the web.xml-file (maybe, write a space?), then clean-build. Then turn ON validation of WAR.

  11. erik


    I haven’t seen this problem in a LOOOONG time. If you are still having this problem I’d be interested in hearing what version of Eclipse you’re using.


  12. Jeff

    Happened to me just today. Morten’s solution worked for me–except I could not open the web.xml file directly. I had to copy it, delete the original and then replace it with the copy.

    I’m using IBM Rational Software Development Platform
    version 6.0.1
    build 20050725_1800

    (not by choice, believe me)

  13. Craig

    I’m using Rational Application Developer 7.0.0 and saw this problem today; the version of the Web Standard Tools components is 1.5.2v20061007.

    Matthias’s suggestion about removing the project and checking it out from CVS again worked for me.

  14. Kevin

    Matthias’s solution worked for me, too.

    I’m using eclipse-wtp-1.5.2 from and Amateras, a plugin for using resin as a J2EE Server.

  15. matt

    I’m using RAD 6.0.1 and I saw this error. I saved everything up to CVS, deleted all the local code and then checked the workspace directory. I saw another post that suggested cleaning out the plugins directory. The path is \.metadata\.plugins.

    After I deleted the contents of the .plugins directory and reloaded all my projects from CVS, the error went away.

  16. Jigarkumar

    Hi friends,

    What I discover is there is only one reson for this error and that is your web.xml is wrong somewhere.

    Sometimes because of unknown problem eclipse popup this error even if your web.xml is all good. And you will not able to solve error even afer cleaning the project. At this point what you can do is just do enter some rendom text in your web.xml and save it and again remove that rendom text and save it. Do clean project if needed.. I hope you will solve it.

    Also make sure your web.xml is all good.


  17. murat

    Eclipse Europa 3.3.0 i had the same problem. Morten’s solution worked for me also. There is something wrong with validators. There are misplaced warnings in JSP files with myfaces tags (unknown tag warnings or some warnings that is about tags that arent at the page anymore).

  18. Daniel Fraser

    Slight Variation of Matthias’s solution worked for me.

    I’m on Weblogic for Workshop, Committed everything (just in case) then deleted the project from the IDE (leaving the content present(try the easy thing first), then reimported the existing project. Fixed it for me.

  19. Ulas Ergin

    Thank you Morten Simonsen,that worked for me also.

  20. malcolm davis

    Fix then Clean.

    I fixed issues in the web.xml, and then I did a Project/Clean.

    The issues in the web.xml come from various sources. I don’t know if the issue is Eclipse or RAD related. The tool tries to do an XML validation and fails.

  21. Ben Northrop

    Thanks for this post!

    Getting rid of the cached web.xml in the .plugins directory, deleting the file from the project, cleaning, rebuilding, then re-adding it worked for me.

  22. Om Prakash

    Remove the project from work space without deleting contains doing this it will remove all the log in information from .metadata of eclipse for that particular project and add the same project from using option import existing project from workspace. Hope the error will go off.

    Om Prakash
    Seec Aisa

  23. Joe Fisher

    I noticed that the

    when in fact the file was really utf 8 (in eclipse, right click on web.xml, properties and notice the text file encoding)
    Changing the declaration to

    so, in a way, this is a stupid way of letting you know that something really is wrong with your xml file.

  24. Joe Fisher

    eek, the xml line was removed from my previous comment.
    in essence, change the xml version declaration at the top of the file from encoding ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

  25. KAMAL




  26. Guy C

    For eclipse users, turn off ‘Build Automatically’, do a clean, then turn on ‘Build Automatically’.

  27. Rune Hellem

    The -tag had a linebreak, removed it and saved the file, and the error was gone. Not sure if it was only the touch and save, or if it was the removal of the linebreak that did the trick…

  28. gary

    this worked for me in RAD 7

    The trick for me was to go to preferences an turn OFF validation of WAR. Then do something with the web.xml-file (maybe, write a space?), then clean-build. Then turn ON validation of WAR.

  29. Ned Lowe

    If it’s helpful – I had this issue, tried everything… Then simply right-clicked the offending web.xml, then ‘Validate’ – and bang, the issue went away!

  30. Pavan

    I am using IBM Rational Application developer V 7.0. I had same issue when i deleted .plugin files from %temp% . This issue is related to Cache. I removed the project with out deleing the contents and imported the existing project. It worked for me.

  31. Adelwin

    i cleaned everything under .metadata/publish/temp0
    and then do a full rebuild…
    it’s fine for a few days and then it came again..
    i did it again and it stays for a few days again..
    i’ve been doing that 3-4 times now…
    never knew what’s the root cause.
    i tried everything.
    checkout new project from SVN
    add space to that file.
    delete that file
    turn of WAR Validator.
    nothing works..

  32. Adelwin

    i cleaned everything under .metadata/publish/temp0
    and then do a full rebuild…
    it\’s fine for a few days and then it came again..
    i did it again and it stays for a few days again..
    i\’ve been doing that 3-4 times now…
    never knew what\’s the root cause.
    i tried everything.
    checkout new project from SVN
    add space to that file.
    delete that file
    turn of WAR Validator.
    nothing works..

  33. Amjad Hussain

    CHKJ3000E: Solution
    Right Click project >> properties>>validate
    check “Suspend all validators” and click ok

    again click project >> properties>>validate
    and uncheck “Suspend all validators” check box. click apply then ok.

  34. Arno Nym

    WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
    Version: 7.0.0
    Build-ID: 20070202_0030

    Problem because of replacing a JAR-File.

    Post from Joe Fisher: replace from XML-encoding ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

    In my Web.XML there was encoding UTF-8 so I changed it to ISO-88590-1. The Workspace was rebuildet. Just as I wrote this, I made a cross check and switched the encoding back to UTF-8 and I got no compile error.

    It seems that by changing the web.xml does the trick, not neccessarely the encoding. File date.

  35. M White

    I had the same problem, modifying web.xml, cleaning and doing a full build fixed the problem.

  36. Sunil

    clean option didnt worked for so i have closed the project and opened it again and cleaned it , IT WORKED ,,,

  37. Ben

    Sunil you are awesome. Couldnt solve the error by changing the web.xml, reimporting from svn, etc.

    You’re hint did the trick for me. Thx.

  38. Saurabh Sachdeva

    I made a dummy change in web.xml and then reverted back. Saved and the issue resolved.

  39. deekay

    Following helped me to get rid of this validation error:
    1. right click on your project -> validate

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