Mavs Lost…

Yeah, the Mavs ended up blowing their chance at the NBA title this year. I gotta say, I’m not angry. I’m not pissed at the refs. I’m not pissed at Avery. I’m not pissed at Dirk.

I will say that the refs did a sh!tty job. I will say that Avery has room to improve. I will say that Dirk needs to start driving to the basket more over taking desperation jump-shots.

The key is that NOBODY picked the Mavs to be playing in the Finals this year. They made it, though. And they beat the Spurs and Suns to get there. That was HUGE.

Look for a better, stronger, tougher Mavs team next year to be right back where they were this year, the NBA Finals…

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  1. Andy

    Even Phil Jackson (who I think is very overrated), on the Dan Patrick show yesterday, said that Miami got the calls on offense and no-calls on defense (I loved the way Gary Payton was holding on to Jets shirt as he took the last shot in Game 6). I subscribed to NBA League Pass this last year but not again unless I can actually see some accountablility from the NBA. That’s about the only way I can show my disgust and hurt them in the wallet.

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