New Toy – Nintendo DS Lite…

I got a number of great gifts for Father’s Day this year. I got a couple polo shirts from the Gap. I got an embroidered apron for when I’m working the grill. I got some monogrammed handkerchiefs. AND… I got a Nintendo DS Lite. Yeah, my favorite gift was the handkerchiefs. 🙂 So the DS Lite is awesome!

My first game was Brain Age, which can and will be the subject of it’s own post. Since then I picked up a couple more games, Tetris DS and Mario Kart DS. Tetris is good, not great, but good. Mario Kart DS is awesome. It was great when I played it on the old Nintendo 64 and it’s even better on the DS.

The thing that really got me excited is the news about Opera releasing a version of it’s browser for the DS Lite. Read, “Opera on Nintendo DS: Hands on Review“, for all the juicy details. My quick spoiler, it’s being released in Japan on 7/24/06 for $33 USD.

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