Occasionally Eclipse WTP Sucks…

Yeah, that title is harsh, but Eclipse WTP pisses me off, sometimes. Right now I’m working on some JSPs and sometimes I’ll get cmd-completion, other times I won’t. Nothing tricky here. Like I’ll type an H1 and want WTP to add the closing H1. Other times I’ll start a JSP directive and want a closing %>. Sometimes a CTRL-Space will provide the closing tag, other times it won’t. The point is that I’m still seeing a lot of bugs in the JSP editing of WTP and it’s bothersome.

If only there was a good alternative?!?!

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  1. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Roumen and thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, I’ve tried NetBeans. I hate to say it but I was not impressed by the look and feel the last time I tried it (5.0). I’m not arguing the feature set being lacking. Heck, it might be better. Maybe I should take another look.


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