Still Tweaking my Ubuntu Install…

I made the switch to Ubuntu exactly 6 weeks ago and have not looked back. I’m, for the most part, very happy. I still have a handful of things I’m trying to get past.

Here is the list without any order/precedence placed on the items.
1. Need to get dual monitors working.
2. Network printing/printers
3. QuickTime?
4. iTunes/iPod
5. What to do with my Palm Pilot and it’s data
6. Using apt-get behind a nasty firewall
7. How to talk to people on AIM via Gaim when behind firewall
8. Write to a NTFS external usb drive
9. ssh through the same ugly firewall I’ve been mentioning throughout this list.

So a number of these items (6, 7, 9) would be issues on a Win XP box and I understand that. I’ll let them sit without getting to angry over them. However, the fact that it’s been 6 weeks and I can’t get dual-monitors working is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

As a Win XP laptop I could go to work and use one external monitor, then I could go home and plug in a different external monitor. This just worked. Simple. Easy. The fact that with linux this has to be so damn hard is one of the reasons linux will not make it into the corporate desktop environment.

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  1. pete

    Re: Write to a NTFS external usb drive

    Can’t do it. You need to format the external drive as FAT32. Then it will be readable and writable in both linux and windows. (but strangely, not on macs?!?!)

  2. Erik Weibust

    Can’t? Can’t!!! I’ve never heard anyone in the linux community say, can’t.


  3. Ben C

    You could always switch to a Mac and be the antithesis to Mark Pilgrim. I went from Windows XP to Ubuntu Breezy Badger to OS X all in a year and I have to say OS X rocks! Stuff just works. No more installing a myriad of device drivers, no more editing conf files, no more plug and pray, everything just works.

  4. pete

    sometimes getting it to work is part of the fun….but maybe that’s just me…

  5. Erik Weibust


    Thanks for stopping by.

    A Mac is out of the question. This is a work machine and I’m stuck with what I’ve got.


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