New Soul Asylum Rocks – Buy It…

I ran out at lunch today to buy the new Soul Asylum album, released today, The Silver Lining.

Soul Asylum was one of my favorite bands back in college. I heard their song “Black Gold” and immediately fell in love with the band. I ran out and bought a couple old Soul Asylum albums (Made to be Broken and And the Horse They Rode in on) and obviously got Grave Dancers Union. I ended up buying every album they released, purchasing everything after Grave Dancers Union the day it was put out. Needless to say, Soul Asylum has a place as one of my favorite bands.

Anyhow, The Silver Lining is awesome! For the most part the album has a “clean” sound. Similar to the stuff on Grave Dancers Union. Not as “edgy” as their old stuff. The lyrics are much better then the stuff on Candy From a Stranger. There is also a great “hidden” song at the end of Slowly Rising. I’m guessing it’s title, if there is one, is Heroes. Very cool song. Acoustic. Dave just singing and a guitar.

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