Do NOT F With Israel…

Israel doesn’t take crap from anyone (see what they are doing right now in Lebanon and Palestine). Don’t F with them. I LOVE how strong they are. Terrorists are some dumb, irrational people. They believe their terror missions will help “their” people. Yet, the result of their terror attacks is the deaths of innocent people in their countries. I’m glad I’m not living in the Middle-East. I don’t understand why the people of Lebanon and Palestine don’t push the terrorists out of their countries.

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  1. Brandon

    A couple of thoughts I have…

    1. Do you think that Israel would be so “stong” if the USA did not back them? It’s obvious that they cannot take on the whole Muslim world by themselves.

    2. Are there only Muslim terrorists? This is not only pertaining to your comment. GW says this all the time. Israel does start some of the s**t in the Middle East, but it is never referred to as a terrorist act. But when Palestine or any other Muslim country does something to non-Muslims, it is referred to as terroristic.

    Just a couple of points to ponder…

  2. Erik Weibust

    1. I think Israel would bomb the USA if we messed with them. I think they aren’t afraid of anybody. I think they would/will take on all of the Muslim world. If you provoke Israel they will fight back.

    2. No, I think there are US terrorists (see the KKK). Being Muslim isn’t what makes a terrorist. I can’t remember a time when Israel started something without being provoked. Can you elaborate?


  3. Josh

    1. Israel is highly dependent on the U.S., both economically and millitarily. Wright or wrong, the U.S., in fact, provides this assistance with the sole purpose of maintaining a “balance” of competing interests in that part of the world. So, to say Israel would retaliate against the U.S. in the event of an aggression on our part against them is not really an arguable point, since the U.S. is providing the very tools that allow them to defend themselves in the first place (i.e. it would never happen in the first place). That said, I think Erik’s point was that Israel does take a very “agressive” stance against these terroristic activities. Pretty hard to argue that point IMHO.

    2. Is this an honest attempt to compare the ongoing “activities” of Radical Islam (keyword “Radical”) to other groups who may or may not engage in terroristic activities around the world, or are you just trying to stir up conversation? Last I checked, those weren’t Jews in the cockpits of those airliners on 9/11… When is the last time you saw a video of a Jew decapitating a Westerner on the internet? My point is this: Yes, there are non-Muslim terrorist groups all over the place, but can you name a single one of those groups who operates under the unwaivering belief that their religeon gives them a mandate to eradicate Western civilization? Just some food for thought.

  4. Chris

    No, but I tend to agree with Savage – “not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim” or so it would seem.

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