Thoughts on Israel vs Hezbollah…

So I’ve got a few thoughts/questions on the Israel vs Hezbollah fighting.

Of the reported 202 Lebanese dead 11 are soldiers. I assume the soldiers are Lebanese military, not Hezbollah. Were those soldiers fighting back against Israel? If not, those deaths might better be counted as innocent lives.

Of the remaining 191 dead (202 – 11 soldiers) how many of those were Hezbollah? The Hezbollah dead I have no problems with, they are terrorists and better they die at the hands of Israel then killing innocent Israel citizens in a suicide bombing.

I read on today that Hezbollah had escorted cnn journalists through southern Beirut. Showing the destruction Israel had inflicted on civilian apartments. I say this… Those building might not have been Hezbollah military bases, but if members of Hezbollah lived there then those buildings are as good as military barracks. I’m glad they were destroyed. Landlords should know better then letting terrorists live in their buildings. If I lived in an apartment building I wouldn’t want terrorists living there. If he Lebanese government isn’t going to stop Hezbollah and make them feel unwelcome the people of Lebanon can.

Lastly, I think the worst possible thing right now would be a cease fire. If Israel stops now it will only give Hezbollah time to re-arm, plan, and attack again.

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  1. Chad Baker

    I’m definitely not an expert on the subject, but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like the Hesbollah group has illegal control of the southern part of Lebanon. If that’s true, and the government can’t do anything about it, I doubt any landlords in the area are in the position to say “No” to those looking for a place to live.

  2. Erik Weibust


    I’m obviously no expert, either. I’m just trying to make the point that people need to distance from Hezbollah as much as they can. The sick fact is that Hezbollah is using the innocent to protect them. I like that Isreal isn’t holding back. They’ve warned everyone there, multiple times, to leave for safety.

  3. keithJ.

    AM 660 got news out that Israel took and returned lands that did not belong to Lebanon.

    why are the Hezbollahs screaming mad? because Iran is paying them. Really ? Nope. Iran is a puppet of the Old Russia/New Soviet that gets oil pipeline during Saddam Hussein time.

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  4. Erik Weibust

    Wow Keith! Those are some “out there” opinions, but I like them. Further, I LOVE THE MINUTE MAN PROJECT! I think the group is doing amazing work.


  5. Brandon

    Yes. I agree with your thoughts on Hezbollah.

  6. Chris

    Erik, I don’t profess to be an expert on terrorist relations but I suspect not renting an apartment to a Hezbollah member would likely be taken by Hezbollah as grounds to lop off your head. In other words, I don’t think the landlords probablly have much of a choice.

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