How much memory does Firefox use…

We all know that Firefox is a memory hog? Not necessarily in a bad way. I’ve got about 25+ tabs open. I understand that takes a lot of memory. My problem is that I’ll open Firefox and won’t close it for days. Eventually, it just locks up and I have to kill it. I can tell it’s about time for Firefox to crash (see the stats in this top screenshot).

How much memory is Firefox taking on your system, how many tabs do you have open, and how long do you keep it running?

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  1. Mark

    60,564K from the windows task manager.

    give me some time and I’ll get you Linux numbers for comparison.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Send me the linux numbers when you get a chance. THX.

  3. Erik Weibust

    Hey STFW!. Feel free to STFU!

    I know there are many ways to tweak Firefox. I’m simply interested in how much memory Firefox is taking up on my readers machines, how many tabs they keep open, and how long they let Firefox run without shutting it down.

  4. pete

    i don’t considder myself a “power-surfer” like you are but….

    my typical behavior is to have

  5. pete

    don’t know why my comment was purged in the middle. should have said:

    my typical behavior is to have

  6. pete

    WTF???? lets make is short:
    68 MB, 7 tabs open right now. rarely crashes.

  7. Josiah Ritchie

    Yeah, I have the same issue. Lots of tabs + lots of days = system stability issues. This is with Ubuntu Linux. I don’t run any windows systems for lots of days like this.

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