I’ve got a new favorite TV show…

Thinking of myself as a rockstar it makes sense that my new favorite show would be Rockstar: Supernova. I gotta say, it’s a kickass show. Maybe it’s cuz Supernova is a trio of dudes from three of my favorite bands: Motley Cure, Metallica, and Guns n Roses. Maybe it’s cuz the singers are performing some real good songs with a great backing band. Maybe it’s to hear what crazy thing Tommy Lee says, or how Gilby fights with Zayra. Most likely it’s the fact that somebody covers a Nirvana song every week.

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  1. Paulette

    I agree!!!!! BEST Rock & Roll show there is!!! I need help finding out the name of the Raggae song that was on the show this week–Pls-any info?

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