.Net Beat Java

This headline made me angry, “.Net Beat Java“. That is what Microsoft is saying. I read the article and didn’t see any numbers that backed that up, but Microsoft is saying it, either way. I’d like to hear what Sun thinks about it. So, Jonathan Schwartz, if you’re reading my blog, which you most certainly should not be, could you please respond to Microsoft’s statement?

My take on the .Net. I don’t know anything about it. You could tell me that I will die if I don’t write at least one line of code in .Net. The sorry thing is I’d be a goner. I can’t even write a comment in .Net.

My take on Java/J2EE. Things are GREAT! They haven’t been this good in about 4 years. Times are as good as “the boom”, but the Java job market is great. I get people contacting me at least once a week right now. Yeah, my name is kind of out there, running a user group and helping lead another, but still. Times are good for the “Java guy”.

If this is Java losing to .Net, I like it. There are tons of jobs, and decent money being offered to work them.

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