My Palm Pilot is Dying, What to do???

My trusty, old-faithful palm pilot is dying a slow death. It’s battery will barely hold/take a charge. It’s a beautiful Palm m515. I got it the day it came out and have been happy enough with it that I haven’t replaced it. It’s probably my oldest piece of hardware that I still use daily. Yeah, I’ve got some old PCs in a corner, but I don’t use them.

Anyhow, the question is, should I get a new PDA? I’ve got so many small gadgets that go in my backpack (palm pilot, iPod, cell phone, Nintendo DS, laptop) it would be nice to eliminate one.

I was kind of thinking about getting all my contact info online into GMail and Google Calendar which would eliminate the “organizer” need of my Palm. Now I play a lot of games on it, but I can easily make the DS my sole game playing platform. I guess I need to find out how to get my contacts and calendar info off the palm and into GMail/Google Calendar.

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  1. Mark

    Thankfully I still have my trusty Handspring edge but not for the same reasons you have yours. I use mine for shopping (handyshopper), conversion, bible reading (perfect for shopping, er I mean the waiting in line after you’re done) stopwatch for lifting, and a few other things that might have something to do with chess. 😉

    As for buying another pda, I personally wouldn’t but then again I’ve never used by pda for that many contacts. We use the good ol trusted method of a address book.

    It has yet to crash btw. 😉

  2. David

    I had a zire 31, however mine went out. :/ and yes those reviews on it going out are DEFINITELY true… Anywhoo now I got one of them ol’ IIIx PDA’s 🙂 4mb tho..I am happy with it and it is much better because I can see it outside in the sun.

    I got it setup to that no one can see no icons, except one chosen one 🙂 one that just shows eyes that when tapped the eyes move and blink.. hehehe :P.

    Pluse the Todo, Memo and Calc silkscreen and lastly the phone button to show the eyes, there is no ROM icons nor APP icons.. 🙂 I have 4.1 on the IIIx which I found off palmblvd yahoo groups group.. :D.

    Anyway the datebook when pressed once shows the TODAY application, (freewarepalm) and when pressed again shows the notepad…the only way to get to the applications is to know the secret pen stroke… 🙂 It is sooo secure or much secure that even after a reset, the palm turns off, if going into safemode u get hardly nothing except raw data..oh and kiosk HACK, and DA to lock people in a certain app…example: CALCULATOR program…

    Also I suggest Unit converter pro for a unit converter.. 🙂

  3. Erik Weibust


    I’m with you. The Palm IIIx is a great machine. It was my first Palm and still one of my favs.


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