Opened Eclipse Bug…

I just opened a bug report against Eclipse. It is related to running Ant targets from the Ant View with custom configurations. I’m not sure how this bug could exist because I run targets like this all the time.

When wanting to run a specific testcase it works great. You right-click on the target you want to run from the Ant View. You select Run As – Ant Build… You then get a “Modify attributes and launch” window for your build.xml file. I normally add a -Dtestcase=SomeTest and hit run.

The second time I want to run that specific target I do the same thing. I right-click on the target in my Ant View. I select Run As – Ant Build… This time I get an Ant Configuration Selection box that has “project-name build.xml” listed and “project-name build.xml [target-name]” listed for my “custom” Ant run.

This is great. I don’t have to type my command-line arg again. I select that “custom” config and click OK. I get the “Modify attributes and launch” window with my cmd-line arg filled in. I hit Run and see my “custom” build run.

**** Pay attention, here is where the bug shows up.
The third time I go to run that “custom” build to run my ant target what I see is a bit confusing. This time the Ant Config Selection” window has my original run, my custom run, AND (here is the bug) a third entry for the exact same custom run. It’s listed exactly like the “custom” run but it has a “(1)” at the end of it. Every time I run I get another entry in the select box with a bigger number next to it.

So, try it for yourself and then comment on the actual bug report I opened saying you’re seeing the same behavior!!!!

Eclipse Bugzilla Bug 154138

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