Want to Move From MovableType to WordPress

I really want to move this blog from MovableType to WordPress. My main reason is I’m stuck on MT 2.661 because I don’t want to shell out the money to upgrade. I believe 2.66 was the last free version of MT. Not that the pay versions aren’t good or even worth the money.

I just have been using WordPress on new projects and really like it. The features, usability, and price can’t be beat. Coupling that with my host, DreamHost, and their one-click installer, and installing and using WordPress is cake.

So why haven’t I moved? The main reason is that I don’t think WordPress can support my current urls. Making the move would break hundreds of links from inside my blog (I could fix) and links from sites I have no control of. Plus, Google would all but forget about me when everything changes locations.

Why this post? I’m hoping some WordPress guru out there will have something I couldn’t find myself while scouring Google. HELP…

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  1. Mark

    I don’t have an answer to your questions since I”m running my own code, but I would like to point out, wth glee, that your hosting provider supports Cold Fusion. Pretty cool.

    For some reason I really liked that language.

    Sorry for the tangent. 😉

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