World Trade Center

Katie and I saw World Trade Center last night. It was a great, horribly sad at times, but great movie. I won’t comment on “stuff” you might not know covered in the movie because that would ruin the movie. I will say that I was very happy to see that director Oliver Stone didn’t bring any of his personal politics into the story. I was nervous that he might ruin a bit of American history with his personal views. He didn’t and I commend him for that. World Trade Center will hold up over time and I’m sure it will be played across the country in school classrooms for decades.

The one thing that I couldn’t get out of my head after watching World Trade Center was how the disgusting deeds of a handful of sick, backwards, radical Muslims backfired so badly. I’m sure those fools thought they were doing something that would make their people/religion better off.

Instead, what they got was an ass kicking by American military forces. We changed Afghanistan for the better, we destroyed Saddam Hussein’s military and government, and next we will be marching into Iran to disarm the nuclear threat it has become.

The terrorists that struck America on 9/11 have the blood of many people on their hands. All the people in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the people on the planes they hijacked, and all of the people in the Middle East that are getting killed in response to what they did.

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