Favorite Eclipse Keyboard Shortcut…

I came across a post on System Exxception, via java.blogs, that listed his favorite Eclipse Java Editor keyboard shortcuts. I’d like to add my favorite to his list, Ctrl-E.

Ctrl-E, defined in the Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide, is the open editor drop down shortcut. This works great when you need to switch to another open editor tab. You simply hit Ctrl-E, and you get a list of all the open files, and then you can type some chars to narrow the list to the file you want. Or, you can just hit Ctrl-E and then use your up and down arrow keys to find and open the file you were looking for.

Anyhow, that’s my favorite Eclipse shortcut and I was surprised it wasn’t on the list.

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  1. eu

    I just remapped Ctrl-F6 (next editor) to Ctrl-Tab. Maybe less efficient, but much more intuitive. Ctrl-Tab Ctrl-Tab Ctrl-Tab 🙂

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