Aggies will win games…

The Aggies will win many football games this year. The schedule hasn’t been this easy in 15-20 years, maybe never this easy. The problem is we have the worst coaching staff in the Big 12. I would sway Fran and Darnell with any team in the league. Bill Byrne, our AD, needs to be held accountable for this. Yes, he has gotten us a Top-10 basketball program, but what he has done with the football program is a disgrace.

The bigger problem with our team being so bad is that to get wins we have to play IAA teams. And nobody wants to televise these crappy games. And without TV exposure kids in Texas and across the nation won’t know anything about the Ags, and our great past football teams.

What to do? I’d like to see the coaching staff dropped immediately after we get destroyed by tu. The problem is we well have a very good record, because of the schedule, and it will be hard for Byrne to drop the staff after such a winning record.

Damn, do I miss RC…

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