Idiot Alert: Sherry Davey

I have an Idiot Alert for you. I was watching The Live Desk on Fox this afternoon, over lunch, and one of the guests was Sherry Davey.

She proved that she isn’t a comedian, but an idiot. Making crazy anti-Bush statements like, “President Bush has done nothing to make us safer since 9/11”. She had the nerve to defend the statement saying she believed Bush literally has done nothing to improve our safety. That is just flat out wrong. You don’t have to be a Bush fan to understand that he HAS done things to make us safer. You might argue HOW much safer, but to say he has done nothing is just dumb.

Anyhow, I just wanted to issue an Idiot Alert for Sherry Davey.

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  1. Sherry Davey

    Thanks for the free press Eric.
    Sherry Davey

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