Is There an Eclipse Plugin Like This?

Please tell me there is an Eclipse plugin like this IntelliJ plugin? I spent a few minutes searching the Eclipse plugin repo and didn’t see anything.

I am a keyboard shortcut fanatic. Actually, I’m just a keyboard guy and a mouse hater. I use the viPlugin in Eclipse which for the most part keeps my hands off my mouse, but I could really use something like Key Promoter to help me learn more/new keyboard shortcuts.

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  1. Alex Popescu


    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but press: CTRL+Shift+L and you’ll get the list of shortcuts.



    .w( the_mindstorm )p.

  2. Scott Williams

    Glad to see you are reading the IntelliJ blog… 🙂

  3. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Alex,

    I did know of Ctrl-Shift-L. That is a great shortcut for keyboard guys, but the IntelliJ plugin looks to actually flash up keyboard shortcuts when you do something with your mouse. It would probably get annoying after a few minutes, but it would be interesting to use occasionaly, when looking for new shortcuts.


  4. Erik Weibust


    I promise I don’t read the IntelliJ blog. I saw that post come across java.blogs.


  5. Scott Williams

    I use the IntelliJ plugin and it’s great! You’re right it does get annoying, however to make the boxes stop appearing just use the keyboard shortcut. 😉

  6. Andriy Palamarchuk

    I just released the initial version of MouseFeed plugin (, which works similar to the IntelliJ’s Key Promoter

    I look forward for feedback.

    Andriy Palamarchuk
    Heavy Lifting Software

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