How to Fix the War in Iraq…

I’m sick and tired of reading headlines like, “10 dead in car bomb”, “Suicide bomb rips Iraqi city“, and “in Baghdad found 15 bullet-riddled bodies”.

I’ll tell you what needs to happen if you want that violence to stop. The United States Military needs to take every single troop and march then straight into the heart of Iran. They need to fight there way to Tehran and kill Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad is funding the Iraq insurgency and he is too blame for the direction the war has gone. Removing Ahmadinejad from power will benefit the world in two ways: the Iraqi war will end, and the nuclear threat from Iran will end.

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  1. afsina

    well. i fail to see the relation. i am disapointed with your politics entries, very ignorant and unnecessarily violent.

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