North Korea Proves It…

North Korea proves it… What? North Korea proves, beyond a doubt, that the United Nations is the most useless organization of do-nothing politicians in the world.

IT IS TIME FOR THE UNITED STATES TO LEAVE THE UN!!! Then the US needs to kick them out of New York.

North Korea firing nuclear bombs off is unacceptable. The UN will spend weeks/months deciding that it’s bad. By then, Iran will be firing off nukes.

The US needs to break from the UN and start over. No communist countries welcome. No Islamic republics welcome. No evil dictators welcome. No weak ass Frenchmen welcome.

I’m sure the UK would be interested and if it’s just the US and the UK that’s fine.

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  1. Bradford Taylor

    NO!!! The event that will prove the UN is useless is the one where they decide we can’t build our border fence when Mexico “sues” us in the UN.

  2. afsina

    i respectfully disagree. First, what north korea proves is whole iraq-WMD affair was an immense mistake – stupidity of US government that world will never forget.
    Even iran, although having no nuclear weapons, get more bashing and negative press from US then North Korea.
    And lastly, from when is US listening UN anyway? nobody “actually” supported US for the whole IRAQ thing in the UN but US just do whatever he pleases.. cmon now.

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