Glenn Vanderburg Knows JavaScript…

Last night’s speaker at the monthly JavaMUG meeting was Glenn Vanderburg. He gave a talk titled, “Learning to Love JavaScript”. The talk was excellent. I’ve always thought of JavaScript as a second citizen in my Java world, even in this time where AJAX is the rage and we all need to know JavaScript.

The history part of the talk was great. Some interesting stuff was covered. The fact that the initial release of JavaScript, or LiveScript back then, was created and released in 10 days. 10 DAYS! That’s not much time for something as large as JavaScript. Now considering how crappy people say it was back then I guess it makes sense.

After talking about the where JavaScript came from, and then the browser wars, Glenn moved on to some great technical material. The slides he had covering the JavaScript call stack and it’s use of unnamed functions were great. I absolutely need to catch his two JavaScript talks he does at NFJS.

If you would like to see what you missed grab Glenn’s presentation from the JavaMUG site.

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