MovableType to WordPress…

I’m giving up on MovableType and moving to WordPress. The spammers have won. I’ve been using the MT-Blacklist plugin for years and years, but it’s just not powerful enough anymore.

I understand that there are new and improved spam filters for MT, but you need to run a more current version. The problem with the more current versions of MT is that they are no longer free. The version I’m running was the end-of-the-line of the free versions.

Enter WordPress. Free and it offers everything I need. The only problem is that I will be breaking years and years worth of urls that link in and around my site.

Oh well, I’ll just make a kick-ass 404 page with a search field so people can find the missing pages. Look for everything to start changing this weekend. Maybe as another consolation gift I’ll start using full-post entries in my rss feeds.

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