Sad Day in TV…

A sad day in TV is coming. The legend, Bob Barker, has announced his retirement. Bob is retiring from 50 years of TV and 35 years of The Price is Right. His last taping of The Price is Right will be in June. Damn! I’ll miss seeing him on TV.

Bob Barker has been doing The Price is Right for longer then I’ve been alive. I love the show! Some of my earliest memories are seeing that show way back when I was a little kid living in Chicago. I watched it religiously on summer vacations as a school kid, and hardly missed it while a college student. Now, I watch it when I’m home sick or on vacation. I love the prime time specials they run occasionally. I’m not ashamed to admit to Tivo’ing them.

Hmm…  Now the world is left wondering….  Who will replace Bob Barker?  Any guesses?

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  1. legacyTV

    Barker’s legacy is no better than “There She is – Miss America” except that he lasted longer.
    Lady on my street is just 2yrs younger than Barker – we are both amazed at his longevity. But beyond that, what did he ever do better than Wink Martindale et al.

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