Tweaking Erik’s Hmm…

I’ve been running Erik’s… Hmm… on WordPress for a week now, and I’m slowly starting to learn the ins and outs of WordPress. I wrote up a short list of ToDo’s the day after I made the switch and I’ve started crossing items off the list.

The first couple things I did were related to this site’s feeds. I updated the site’s feed to use FeedBurner, and I created a FeedBurner feed for my posts in the Java category.

Last night I added a Flickr badge to the site. Previously, I was using a badge that showed the last 3 pics, this time around I’m going with 3 random pics. It’s fun to see what shows up out of the 2800+ photos I’ve pushed up to Flickr.

Today I “tweaked” my sidebar. It was my first experience with php. Not to complicated, just had to look at the wp_get_archive() API. I changed the monthly category section from a list of every month I’ve been blogging (way back to August 2003) to the last 12 months. I also added a last 10 posts section to the sidebar. It also used the wp_get_archive function. I like how you can extend the function, telling it to give you a list by month or by post. Good stuff.

There are still a number of changes coming to Erik’s Hmm. I need to get my Yahoo Ads back up (the kids gotta eat), and add some other good stuff. Keep stopping by to watch the progress and please feel free to leave any ideas in the comments section.

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