Busy Learning Adobe Flex…

I’ve been busy, finding and reading, everything I can related to Adobe Flex the past month. I’ve gone through a number of online examples and tutorials, I’ve read numerous blog posts, and I’ve been watching a DVD training video (Total Training for Adobe Flex 2).

One thing that has made me crazy with all of these learning resources is the cool debugging features they show off. They use a combination of trace() statements and breakpoints with the Flex Builder plugin for Eclipse and the Flash Player. Every example I try fails with some obscure error message about not having this or that configured correctly. Lazy me, I should have googled the error message immediately, because upon googling the error this morning I was taken to a detailed page on the Adobe site that explains the exact problem and how to resolve it.

So if you are seeing the error, “Installed Flash Player is Not a Debugger,” read this technical article on the Adobe site for instructions on the fix.

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