Farmers Branch, TX: A Perfect World…


In case you missed it, the Farmers Branch became the first Texas city to pass tough anti-immigration measures (read full story on They unanimously approved fines for landlords who rent to illegal immigrants, made English the city’s official language, and are allowing local authorities to screen suspects in police custody to check their immigration status.

It disgusts me that the United States government has allowed our country to be so heavily flooded with these criminals that our cities are having to wage the war against illegals. I hope every city in America takes up this fight against illegal aliens and does for us what our federal govenrment has not been able to do.

We can make America a place where there are no illegal aliens, even if the federal government doesn’t want to help.

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  1. Josh

    Only it is “anti illegal immigration” instead of just “anti immigration”… It does not affect people who wish to come here legally in the least.

  2. erik

    Very good point, oh wise one. We/I have no problem with LEGAL immigrants. It’s the scum bags that are here ILLEGALLY.

    In defense of CNN, the title for the piece is, ” Dallas suburb cracks down on illegal immigrants.” Note the word illegal. I was impressed that they used it.


  3. daveymarsh

    from the change of word like undocumented to illegal? wow!

  4. oscar

    Top 10 employers in Farmers Branch

    1. IBM
    2. JP Morgan
    3. Dallas Semiconductoor
    4. GEICO
    5. Cingular Wireless
    6. TD Industries
    7. Tuesday Morning
    8. Essilor Labs
    9. Monitronics
    10. Fannie MAE

    Are these companies anti-immigrant? Anti-hispanic? Ant-Mexican American? Why would any company want to be tied to Farmers Branch?

  5. erik


    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I can’t answer your questions asking if the companies you list are anti-immigrant, anti-hispanic, or anti-Mexican-American. You will have to research the companies in question. I will guess they are neither. I WILL answer your question on Farmers Branch. I would guess that ALL companies would want to be tied to Farmers Branch as it is a community that has stated, openly, that it is not going to sit back and allow people to break the law. When I say people, I mean illegal, criminal, aliens that our in our country. Those people are of numerous origins, and should all be sent back to their home of origin. They’re criminals and Farmers Branch has made a stand. I APPLAUD FARMERS BRANCH. I WISH ALL TEXAS COMMUNITIES WOULD FOLLOW FARMERS BRANCH PATRIOTIC EXAMPLE AND GET RID OF ALL ILLEGALS!

  6. Bradford Taylor

    What is Farmer’s Branch doing that has anything to do with race even Hispanics specifically? What is what they are doing equally applies to Germans, Russians, Pakastanis or Brits. I’m not sure what it has anything to do with Hispanics.

  7. Bradford Taylor

    Where is the country of “Hispania”?

  8. Juana

    You make it seem that illegal immigrants are hurting the city of farmers branch which on the contray we are contributing. Who else is going to water you plants, cut your yard, clean your homes? Think about ..were not here to hurt you. Your message sounds a bit racist on your part.

  9. erik

    Please Juana, do NOT call me a racist. I merely state facts. Illegal immigrants are here illegally. THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. THEY SHOULD BE ARESTED, DEPORTED, OR BOTH.

  10. Kris

    LOL! Maybe the legal business that employ legit employees, like…landscapers, maids, etc. The same people that are doing it legally every day! I’m sorry we don’t like freeloading as$ho)$S in this country. They don’t pay income taxes, the money gets sent to Mexico-not spent 100% on products in the US-i.e. hurts our economy & what about just doing what every other person from Europe, Russia, etc. has to do….APPLY FOR CITIZENSHIP!!! You want to be here-fine. Do what it takes or get the hell out!

  11. erik

    Well put, Kris. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. elisabethdakak

    Your comments indicate that you are very narrow-minded and that your heart is charged with hatred. What do you suggest we should do for the criminals born and raised in the United-States, do you feel okay with their crimes?

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