Aggies Beat Texas!!!

Who said tu had a good run defense? A&M ran all over them.

Aggies Beat Texas

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  1. Josh

    Colt who?

  2. Ryan Breidenbach

    Some quick thoughts…

    – I wouldn’t say the Ags ran all over them. First drive. Last drive. I little in between. McGee killed us – just like last year. We can’t seem to figure out the option keep. Lane needs a massive hole or he can’t do much. Goodson broke off a great run – very fast runner. Do the Ags HAVE receivers?

    – Horns offense was awful. A-W-F-U-L. I don’t think McCoy is 100% since the injury. Some of his passes were WAY off, which is very unusual. Running game was non-existant. Why we give the ball to Melton in short yardage is beyond me.

    – Horns were absolutely robbed of a TD on a phantom interference call. Way have cost them the game.

    – Overall, very boring game to watch.

    – Two of the dirtiest, thuggish hits at the end of the game. The first was inexcusable – hitting McCoy while he is TAKING HIS HELMET OFF. #91 should not be allowed to play ball EVER AGAIN. Not sure how that second hit was not roughing – close to late, clearly a helmet to head shot. Neither hit effected the outcome of the game. Both were classless.

    – This sums of Horns and Ags football. Horns are 9-3 and it was quite an off season with a mediocre bowl. Ags are 9-3, claim victory and get to keep their (overrated) coach.

  3. erik


    1. You wouldn’t say the Aggies ran all over tu? We rushed for 244 yards! Texas was giving up 42 yards a games. We got 202 yards more then the average. I would call that “ran all over”. πŸ™‚

    2. No argument from me on the horn’s offense being horrible. I’d say that Colt did look to be still hurt, BUT I’d also state the Aggies Defense looked pretty damn good. Texas was averaging 39 points a game and we held them to 7.

    3. I say no criminal activity in the endzone on the TD/call you mentioned. I’d say tu needs to play a clean game and they won’t be penalized. πŸ™‚

    4. I’d argue the game was as entertaining a football game I could hope to watch. The final score was pretty good, too.

    5. I won’t call either of those hits dirty or thuggish, yet. The first one maybe. I’m gonna watch the play over a few times. When was the whistle blown? How close was the hit to the whistle? If it was close I have no problem with the hit. Further, I’ll call McCoy an idiot for attempting to take his helmet off, on the field, during a play, a play that he blew. He should have been running down field to make the tackle. Again, if the hit was late, I’ll let you call it what you want.

    The second hit was clean and hard.

    6. Summing up the unfinished seasons. Texas did a horrible job backing up their national championship, maybe USC was the better team last year. As defending champs it’s piss-poor that tu lost 3 games, and 2 of those losses were at home. The Aggies on the other hand… what a great season. A season in which they could easily be undefeated, playing for a national championship. You can read my full season review once the season is over.

    Ryan, I wish I would have taken your bet. πŸ™‚

  4. Ryan Breidenbach

    1. The Ags never passed the ball. Outside Goodson’s first TD, they averaged 4 YPC. That is not running all over somebody. 244 yards rushing is not that impressive if you never pass. Vince Young had 200 yards rushing by himself in the Rose Bowl. THAT is running all over somebody.

    I will admit that our rushing defense was disappoiting. And the number one defensive ranking against the run was quite misleading. Nobody ran against us because or secondary was vulnerable everybody passed (see Baylor, TT, KSU). The run defense had been good, but not THAT good.

    3. No penalty committed shoube be no penalty. End of debate. We got screwed out of a TD, plain and simple.

    4. A matter of opinion I guess. I quit watching for a while to play outside with the kids, and this was AFTER we were ahead so I wasn’t sulking :-). It was just flat out a boring game with NO offense. Mich-OSU, good game. This one, not so much.

    5. You are in denial if you are even questioning if the first hit was dirty. Whistle had blown. Colt was taking off his chin straps (very typical for a player leaving the field). And the scum bag blind sides him from behind. He was kicked out of the game for crying out loud. The second hit was borderline dirty. He had a chance to drill Colt in the chest, but instead he raised up and speared Colt in the chin with his helmet. The game was basically over at this point. I guess Aggies condone this behavior, which is sad indeed.

    6. Not sure what the point of bringing up last season. I did find it interesting that the last time the Ags won a National Title was on the cusp of WW II. We beat USC for the title this year. We crapped this season away. We will be back next year.

    “The Aggies on the other handÒ€¦ what a great season.” Now THAT’S a good Aggie joke. πŸ™‚ I guess Aggies call for the head coach’s head during great seasons, huh? Sucks to be Fran. One again, 9-3 == great season in College Station. 9-3 == big disappointment in Austin. That says it all.

  5. Glenn Vanderburg

    Ryan: true football fans think defensive struggles are the most interesting. πŸ™‚ I know I would’ve been fascinated by that game even if I hadn’t cared who won. Also: yeah, standards are relative in football. This is news? tu won the national championship last year, so of course 9-3 is disappointing. A&M was 5-6 last year, so of course 9-3 with a victory over Texas counts as exciting by comparison.

    The first hit was clearly late — disgracefully so. It was a full three seconds (maybe even more) after McCoy released the ball. Kellen Heard is an idiot, and I don’t think he should ever take the field for the Aggies again. (He’s the same moron who nearly lost the Missouri game for us by committing two stupid personal fouls in three plays to keep a Mizzou drive alive. A dirty player who’s also stupid? We don’t need him.)

    The hit that really hurt McCoy was a different story. Arguably a little late, but only arguably, and other than that it was clean. There was some helmet-to-facemask contact, but the initial impact was solidly to the chest. That said, I wasn’t glad to see McCoy taken off hurt and was relieved to hear that he’s expected to be OK.

    This was a crummy season for us, for one reason: in every game but one, we only played three quarters of football. In the Texas game, we played four quarters, and it made a huge difference. We lost three games this year, by a *cumulative* total of 6 points. In each of those games, if we had taken the field ready to play, I believe we would have won. We finished it off with the only good whole-game effort of the season, and the result speaks for itself. In other words, we played below our ability, and that makes it a crummy season.

    On the other hand — for a good, young team with most of the impact players returning next year, that’s the lesson they needed to learn. If Fran can hammer that home in the right way before next year, perhaps we *will* have a great season.

  6. Andy Hoffman

    I’m just waiting for the 7-year Coach Fran extension so I can video tape Erik’s head exploding and YouTube it for fun and no-profit.

  7. erik

    How about this healthy discussion on college football that a bunch of Java heads just had? Good stuff!

  8. erik

    Andy, if Fran gets a 7-yr extension I’m quitting my job, becoming a .NET developer, and moving to Austin.

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