Geronimo Talk at JavaMUG Tonight…

We’ve got a big meeting tonight at JavaMUG. For starters, IBM is our sponsor, and they’re sending Paul McMahan to speak about the Apache Geronimo Application Server.

The abstract for tonight’s meetings is as follows:

Apache Geronimo is the open source J2EE server project of the Apache Software Foundation. The presentation will give a brief history of Geronimo, and how IBM became involved in the project. It will describe what functionality is provided by Geronimo, and the collection of open source libraries it contains. You will see how to build a customized server using Apache Maven, and how to install and configure J2EE applications with the administration console and the command line interface. The presentation will also describe Geronimo’s new plugin architecture and the ongoing plugin repository efforts. Of interest to developers will be Geronimo’s Eclipse plugin for running/debugging applications.

To be honest, I haven’t spent any time thinking about Geronimo since the last Geronimo talk at JavaMUG, back in April of 2005, when we had Jeremy Boynes in to cover the server.

Since leaving Pegasus Solutions in Nov. 2004 all the Java EE work I’ve done has been run on the Tomcat server. That might change, since yesterday a co-worker mentioned they working looking at BEA for a future project I might be on/leading. If that’s the case, I would much rather go with something open source, if it compares well to a “for pay” alternative.

Another reason tonight’s JavaMUG meeting is a big deal is we are having elections and I’m running for Vice-President. By tomorrow you might have to refer to me as Vice-President Weibust. (Yes, that was a stupid, nerdy joke, but I have no apologies.)

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