Moving to Google Reader…

Hello Google Reader… Goodbye Bloglines…

I’m sad to drop Bloglines, but they were having too many problems lately. I started using Bloglines back in March of 2004. I loved the service for most of the time I’ve been using it and told everybody I met that they should use Bloglines as well.

Why Google Reader? The key requirement was I needed an online feed reader. That quickly narrowed down the competition. I got an account with Google Reader almost immediately when it was released. Everything else Google was producing was top-notch and I assumed Reader would be too. That wasn’t the case. I thought it sucked. I used it for a few days and couldn’t imagine leaving Bloglines for the feature lacking Reader tool.

Fast forward to the last few months. Combing the problems Bloglines has been having with all the good press Google Reader has been getting and it was back on my radar. Then I read a post on Tony Steidler’s blog on his using Reader. I decided to take another look.

Wow! Google Reader is great now! It’s changed dramatically since it’s launch. Much more usable. It’s my new Reader of choice.

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  1. Ryan Breidenbach

    What a coincidence. I switched to Google Reader this morning and this is the first new post I read from it 🙂

  2. erik

    Quite a coincidence.

    So what were you using before Reader?

  3. pete

    ok. i switched. i like it. one weird thing. i clicked the link to reader from your blog and when i signed up it automatically added your site to my subscriptions. Pretty cool…however, it picked up your old MT feed. To get the word press feed i had to unsubscribe and subscribe to the feedburner feed. why don’t you get your new wordpress feed when subscribing to

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