Back from the break…

I haven’t posted since Christmas.  I’m not sure why.  I had all kinds of stuff to discuss.  Like the ass-kicking the Ags took from Cal.  Like the great Christmas vacation I had with Katie and the boys down in Houston.  Like the Ags Basketball team openning conference play with a W.  Like the serious health kick I’ve been on since New Years (not a resolution, preperation for a cruise Katie and I are going on the end of this month).  Like the books I’ve been reading, some tech and some fun.

Anyhow, look for more on the above and all the other random crap I come up with.  One gimic I’ve thought of to keep me posting more often is a “Daily Best Read” post.  Some might be technical, some sports related, and a bunch will probably be political.

First post of 2007 in the can….

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