Nike or Reebok – Who’s Right…

Who’s right, Nike or Reebok?

While it’s cold outside, I’ve taken my running inside to our treadmill.  It’s a Reebok RX3000.  Pretty good machine that rated very well in Consumer Reports when I bought it a couple years ago.  Also, I’m still using my NikePlus iPod attachment to track my distance, time, and calories from my runs.
Anyhow, since moving to the treadmill I’m a little confused.  The NikePlus and treadmill have grossly different numbers.  Take my run tonight.


  • 4.2 miles
  • 649 calories
  • 43:06

Reebok Treadmill

  • 3.4 miles
  • 509 calories
  • 43:06

Thank God that 43 mins is 43 mins no matter if the treadmill is keeping track or the NikePlus is keeping track.  But…  what the heck is up with the miles and calories?  I’m going with the NikePlus being “closer” to the right numbers as it matches on the street with my old 3 and 5 mile courses.  Are treadmills really that bad at tracking distance and calories?

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