Daily Best Read – 1/8/07

I’m a couple minutes late with my first friggin’ Daily Best Read (DBR). I’m a bit disappointed in myself since it’s the FIRST FRIGGIN’ DAY of this little experiment/project.

Anyhow, the drum roll is done, and my first DBR is this gem on the developerworks UNIX page titled, “Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits“. My short commentary on the article, a list of 10 good UNIX habits. Go read it.

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  1. Ryan Breidenbach

    A little late, but a good start. Thanks for the tips, sir. My UNIX skills are perpetually rusty 😉

  2. pete

    that’s a good one, i like it. i do find it amusing that the page name is “au-badunixhabits.html”.

    are these bad habits or good ones??????

  3. erik

    Ryan, the reason you’re UNIX skills are rusty is that you use a Win XP laptop. Get linux on your machine. 🙂

  4. erik

    Yeah. WTF? Why the heck would the filename have “bad” in it? Hmm…

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