Daily Best Read – 1/11/07

Damn, I missed yesterday, but today’s DBR is a good… It’s complements of MyEclipse. It’s a great introduction to the Spring Framework. It has step-by-step instructions for getting a Spring app up, and it’s got screencasts that walk you through the process, visually. Better yet, the tutorial is based on one of my favorite, fun, examples, the Knight application from Spring in Action.  If Ryan or Craig are wasting their time reading this I’d like to know which one of ya’ll came up with the Knight app.

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  1. Craig Walls

    The knight example was my creation. I went through a handful of more boring examples while presenting Spring on the NFJS tour in 2004…but the knight example kinda stuck with me, so I used it in the book. As you know, I often also re-use it to demonstrate other Spring trickery. I intend to write some blog articles soon describing various ways of configuring Spring without XML and will use the knight to drive the discussion.

  2. erik

    Well, the knight example is a good one. Nice work, Craig. I wonder what you will come up with for Spring in Action 2nd Ed? 😉

  3. Ryan Breidenbach

    Craig lies. It was my idea. Mine, I tell you!!!


  4. erik

    I’ll let you guys duke it out.

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