More Tweaks to Erik’s Hmm…

I just made a fairly obvious “tweak” to this site. It’s something I’ve had on my list since the last round of tweaks. I’ve added the oh-so-popular Yahoo Ads. Feel free to click away (I didn’t type that did I?).

The next thing on my list is “cleaning-up” the list of Categories I use. You can tell from looking at the list that I used to use all kinds of different categories. That was confusing for readers and myself. Some time ago, probably a year or so, I switched to three simple categories. Sports, for, take a guess, yes, sports related posts. Java, for…. No, not just Java stuff, but for all tech related posts. Yeah, it should be titled Tech, but then I would have to change a bunch of stuff, including rss feeds. And lastly, Personal. Which is everything that is not sports or tech. It’s my “catch-all”.

Anyhow, I need to “tweak” the side-bar Category code to only show the 3 Categories, or heck, I might just remove it altogether. Hmm…. Removing the category list would certainly be the easy out.

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  1. Andy Hoffman

    Boy, that Ad-Block Plus for Firefox works great on Yahoo Ads. Didn’t even know they were added since they have never shown up.

  2. erik

    Come on, Andy…. Why you want to block my ads? I gotta eat…

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