Who is using Google Desktop…

I’d like to hear from people out there that are using Google Desktop.  What are you using it for?  Are you using any of the Google Gadgets or just the local system search features?  Do you feel like your system runs slower since you’ve started using Google Desktop?

I want to convince myself that Google Desktop is cool and something I need, but I’m having a hard time.  Somebody, anybody, please sell me on this.

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  1. Marshall Durrett

    I’m on a Mac now…

  2. erik

    What do you have? MacBook Pro?

    I had a PowerBook but when I took my current, consulting job 18 months ago my boss bought me a sweet-arce 17″ widescreen HP so I sold my PB on Craigslist. That said, I’m about to need a new laptop. 😉

    Paul just bought a MacBook, yesterday.

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