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Daily Best Read – 01/23/07 (Learn Ruby)

I found a gem yesterday via java.blogs that is a cross between how to start learning Ruby and how Ruby and Java differ in their Class/Object/method creation.  Anyhow, read “Ruby Class Tutorial” if you have any interest in learning Ruby.

I’ve added Juixe TechKnow to my blogroll and will be anxious to read his furture Ruby posts.

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Very interesting verb you have created, Tate’n. I assume you use that because Bruce went from a Java guy to a Ruby guy? I like it, but I’m not sure Bruce was the first Java guy to move to Ruby. A better verb for that might be, Thomas’n, as in Dave Thomas.


i was just gonna give you a hard time and say this should be called the ‘Best Weekly Read’…..I guess I’ll cut you some slack since you’re on vacation 🙂

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