Completely Changing the way I Handle Email…

I am giving up! My email inbox has won this fight. It kicked my arce.

Yesterday, I rolled into work, got some coffee, and checked my email. I was staring at 20+ unread messages, and 1053 total mails, sitting in my inbox! I was running with the logic, that since GMail gives me sooooooo much space, that I can just leave dang near everything in there. Then if I needed something I would use the GMail search feature to find it.

This system failed miserably. The time I was spending sifting through the stuff, that was lazily archived by being left untouched, was killing me. I had no quick way to know what I needed to answer, what I was waiting on a response for, and what I was needed to hold for future reference.

Enter the new plan….

I’m going with a hybrid of ideas I’ve pulled from lifehacker, and Merlin Mann. Lifehacker has a couple great posts, “How do you organize your Gmail,” and “Empty your inbox with the Trusted Trio.” Those posts combined with Merlin Mann’s MacWorld aricle, “The Inbox Makeover” were all I needed. Going forward, I’ll track Merlin Mann’s email management series, “Inbox Zero,” for tips and tricks.

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  1. Mark

    I read that same Lifehacker article myself and found it very interesting. If I were still in industry I might want to try a few of their ideas. But now I’m in education and email is not exactly used alot; at least not at my school. Seriously if I get 3 emails a day it’s huge.

    BTW, I’m not a person. ;-P


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