Damn… SPAM…

I hate SPAM more then I hate the texas longhorns!   I hate it, hate it, hate it.

Anyhow…  I have a buddy that I just converted over to  Gmail.  He asked about the spam checking and I said it’s great.  Gmail catches it, I don’t worry about it, all is good.  My buddy then goes on to mention that he checks his SPAM folder every day and has found a couple messages mis-labeled as spam.   So now I’m checking mine and I’ve found a message or two mis-labeled.

I’m not writing this complaining about Gmail’s ability to check spam, I’m writing this TO COMPLAIN ABOUT FRIGGIN’ SPAMMERS!

Am I wrong, to never check my spam folder, and just write those messages off as mails that slipped through the cracks?

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  1. pete

    i have a friend who is a sysadmin for a large company and just shared these stats with me:

    In January, 25,262,776 mails received, 547,661 were delivered to mailboxes (~2.1%)

    ridiculous! they received more than 24MM spam messages in one month!!!

  2. erik

    That is friggin’ nuts!

    The gov’t needs to do more to stop spam. How about they leave us alone to play poker online and crackdown on spammers?

  3. Mark

    Never check my gmail or yahoo accounts unless someone tells me other wise. As for my web site’s email accounts. Default get’s all the spam and I only accept email to my personal one if the person is in my address book. Probably wrong but I live in an ignorant bliss. 😉

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