Dusting off this blog…

I haven’t had much to say lately. Not since I left for Vegas. No, I didn’t lose my shorts and end up in jail. No, I wasn’t kidnapped by the mob.

And I can’t say that I came back from Vegas and then went on a road trip following the great Texas Aggie basketball team while it rolls through the NCAA tournament field. They did look awesome beating Penn and then Louisville.

Actually, I’ve been sick as a dog. Last Monday, 3/12, I started feeling like hell. Now, 10 days later I still feel like hell. I’m much better then I was this time last week, but I’m on my second batch of antibiotics. First, I was put on something for the flu, now I’m on something for an upper respiratory infection. Last Thursday my temp never got below 104, and Friday it never got below 103.

Anyhow, that is my lame excuse for not blogging for two weeks. Look for a few “quick hits” over the next day or two. I owe the world a few posts, a “Vegas Review”, a “Why the Ags sucked in the Big12 Tourney”, and a “My Bracket is Better Then Yours.”

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