Overdue Vegas Recap…

Here is the long overdue Las Vegas recap. There were two themes to this year’s trip. The first was play a ton of Texas Hold’em. The second, and equally important, was to watch the Aggies march through the Big12 Conf Tournament. The crew was small this year with just me, Peter C, and the doctor making the trip.

Overall, the trip was only a half-success because I got lots of Hold’em in, but the Aggies choked in their first game in the tourney against OSU and left us with lots of free time. We watched the A&M vs OSU game in the MGM sports book. We were totally looking past OSU, as we were very excited for a Texas rematch and a possible championship match-up with Kansas. After the Aggies choked we didn’t get the tu rematch and obviously were nowhere near the final game. At least we got to see the NCAA brackets unveiled and the Aggies awesome 3 seed, but it didn’t help get me over the OSU loss.

Gambling wise the trip was a great success. I did awesome in 4-8 games at both the MGM and the Bellagio. Really well. I played the best poker of my life. Blackjack was 50/50. I played two nights. I did great at the Tropicana one night, and got my arce kicked at the Barbary Coast. Another big positive was a very successful session of craps at the Paris. I used a new strategy a buddy at work gave me and doubled my money.

The real highlight of this year’s Vegas trip was a gem of a bar we frequented in the Bellagio, the Petrossian Bar. Pete had been to the Petrossian while in Vegas for CES and made hitting this bar a priority for us. Awesome cocktails! We went for a couple drinks before we played Hold’em then we hit the Petrossian again hold’em for more then a couple of drinks.

The second time around we sat at the bar, and that is the only way to go. We had an awesome bartender, Michael, who kept our drinks full while giving us “testers” of various other drinks on their menu. Normally, I don’t even drink “mixed” drinks, but I have a new appreciation after going to Petrossian and having Michael mix ’em up for us. The Petrossian will be a regular stop on my future Vegas trips.

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