Does anyone like Windows Vista…

Does anyone out there like Windows Vista? Have you moved to Vista and wished you were still on XP?

As I mentioned last week, I’m in the market for a new laptop. I did some serious shopping this weekend and everything I saw had Vista installed. I’m not really comfortable going with Vista this early. Microsoft hasn’t even released their first service pack and I know there are problems because I see them in reviews.

I’ve done some research and I saw that some new laptops that come installed with Vista can NOT run XP.  Some component manufacturers only have released Vista drivers and that is making it impossible to load XP.  Yes, I’ll most likely install Ubuntu, but still, I’m nervous about buying something with Vista.

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  1. Andy

    In reply to ‘does anyone like vista?’, not that I’ve met. I’ve just started a web design business from a UNIX based background. Vista is HUGE, I set up my girlfriend’s new PC and it is stuggling with 1MB RAM, to change somes settings for her I had to battle the spammy security and when looking for wav files it returned ‘no results’. On digging around, I found that you have to specifically set the searches to search the C: drive and not JUST the file the user has put on there. OK, I have worked in IT for 10 years but does MS think people are so thick that they should not be allowed to access the file on their own PC without a whole load of messing about. As long as you want to use MY DOCS and MY MUSIC (wma, of course) and MY INSIGNIFICANT JUNK, you will be fine.

    I’m not a fan, for web design IE is a nightmare, don’t even start me on that one. Good luck with the Laptop, get a MAC

  2. Pete

    It’s interesting because Vista has been out for months now, yet I still have yet to see anyone who WANTS to use it. Everyone I know is avoiding it like the black plague of OS’s.

    I’ve been using computers since age 6, and am now 25. I’ve watched the hardware evolve from 8086’s to 286’s to 386’s, 486’s… then to Pentiums and Athlons, then to 64 bit processors and Dual Cores. I’ve also watched RAM grow exponentially and the speeds there increase as well.

    I’ve also watched the OS’s evolve. From Win3.1, to Win95 and Win98, Windows2000 and ME, WindowsNT, and finally WindowsXP. The interesting thing was that aside from the small problems with Windows 2000 and ME, I never saw any major complaints about any of Microsoft’s prior OS’s. And never before has an OS been thrust down society’s throat like Vista has been. It seems like Microsoft has stopped listening to the customer.

    The biggest complaint I have seen with Vista is that if you don’t know how to work it properly (how to set EVERYTHING to run as administrator), nothing will work. This also makes the added security features of Vista a mute point. The other huge problem is that Microsoft has not worked with any hardware companies to provide driver support for Video or Sound or even Network cards, and many “old” (even 1 1/2 years!) setups will NEVER function properly. This makes anyone wanting to run a computer properly in Vista not only have to upgrade their OS, but also nearly ALL of their hardware.

    I have a Athlon 3000+ 64, 2GB RAM, GeForce 6800GT, and use onboard sound and networking. If I were to upgrade to Vista, my video card will NEVER work (they’re not EVER releasing drivers for it!) and my onboard sound and networking probably won’t either.

    Not worth the hassle, considering I can run EVERYTHING I WANT right now in XP, save the new software Microsoft is releasing that is “Vista Only”.

  3. erik


    Let me warn you. Do not buy a new computer right now. My problem is the opposite of yours. I bought a new computer that ONLY has Vista drivers. So I can’t run WinXP, even if I wanted too. For me, the only option is Linux.

  4. Tanya

    How do I know if my new computer has only vista drivers?

  5. Steve

    You guys crack me up…
    Personally, I have done a research about Vista and universally, The latest edition of Windows gets a HUGE goose-egg from at least 1/2 the population…
    I’m also in the market for a new PC, but I refuse to deal with Vista…
    After all, it took MS about 3 years to fix the issues with XP…
    now that the XP fixes/updates/update fixes/fixes to the fix updates have been worked out, why change a (decent) OS?

  6. Herb

    The greedy idiots at Microsoft just want to make more money and know that Vista sucks just as bad as WindowsME, maybe worse. The point isn’t whether SP1 has been released or not. A product should be complete when it’s released, not a work in progress. Anyone remember the old days of software? If Microsoft had any integretity at all, they would replace Vista with XP for anyone dissatisfied with it. More powerful compuyters than ever now take ages to boot up and even shut dow, And what is this BS about “permissions”? Every time I turn off permissions they return in a day or so. You guys at Microsoft must be taking some really bad drugs. How do you sleep at night and look in the mirror?

  7. Erik Weibust

    Thanks for the comment Herb….

    I’m with you 100% on Vista. Total crap. I contacted HP and they said I couldn’t run XP on my machine if I wanted to. They only created Vista drivers for some of the hardware.

  8. Acousticman3

    I purchased a custom laptop recently with a Core 2 Duo processor and 2G of RAM. It came with Vista Premium installed and I’ve had absolutely no problems with it at all after 5 months of use… it’s quick as hell (booting and running) and have no slowdown, crashing, or resource issues at all… I think if you have hardware to support Vista (as Microsoft intended), and don’t install moronically coded 3rd party software, Vista is wonderful.

    btw- my first computer was a TRS-80 and I’m an Interactive Media Design student with extensive experience in tech support.

  9. erik weibust

    It’s funny / timely that you leave this post today because as we speak I am moving off of Vista back to XP. Vista sucks! I had two machines made for Vista and had problems with both, one an HP and the other a Dell. Look for a post on the subject in the next day or so.

  10. dale

    i have been working on computers for10 years i am also a musician once you get past all the pop ups and the pop ups about pop ups and the permission to to do anything and having to run everything as an admin and pop up to stop pop ups and all the advertisment and the security to not allow anything unless it is fully liscensed it is still crap

  11. dale

    oh and by the way tech support try working at a computer repair shop

  12. dbrainard

    ive had this computer 8 months its has a screen that will blackout twice like clockwork as its loading.this started 6 weeks after i purchaced it. it will also crash.its report says the drivers.but gives no solution,maybe just throw it out the pun intended

  13. justsinsin

    well I’ve enjoyed Vista. I have built computers, i design web pages and I’ve had no problems at all. It took me exactly 1 day to get used to the very small differences and that’s about it. except on my dell latitude d830 when installing xp i had to manually install every driver. Vista did it all for me, it has been nothing but good for me. Don’t listen to everyone, give it a shot. It really is not much different at all from xp.

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