I’m a year older…

Yup, yesterday was my birthday. It was great. I got to have a birthday lunch with a bunch of family that I don’t get to see too often. I got some great gifts. Then for dinner Katie made me some of the most decadent mac n cheese (2000 calories per serving) I’ve ever had. It was voted the Best Mac ‘n Cheese in the Country and was featured in the Throwdown with Bobby Flay this week. Being my favorite food, Katie thought it would be great for a birthday dinner.

Of the birthday gifts, picking a favorite is hard. I’m very excited about my new 2007 New Era offical MLB Chicago Cubs hat. For the first time in a jillion years MLB and New ERA changed the hats. They’re no longer 100% wool. They’re some tricked-up wool blend that breathes and is made for comfort.

A close second, possibly an even better gift were the concert tickets I got for the Black Rebel Motorcyle Club show in Dallas. I’m guessing the show will be awesome, but I’ve never seen BRMC live so I won’t no for sure until after the show. It’s in June at the not-yet-finished House of Blues. Check back later for a review.

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