Quit My Job…

Quit sounds a bit violent. How about… I gave my 2-week notice. I’ve been with Miller & Associates for almost two years.

Other then a couple “hr type” problems I really had no reason to leave. The main reason I’m leaving is the benefits don’t work well for a “family” guy. Insurance for a family was a killer. Another reason I started looking was the commute was a beating. Since December I’ve been on a project that has me driving 70 miles a day. That’s about 2 hours, each day, in the car, and some expensive gas bills.

Obviously, I’ve said nothing negative about the company, my boss, or co-workers. That’s because there isn’t anything negative to say. My boss was one of the most understanding, fair managers I’ve ever worked for. He’s also, easily, the best “database guy” I’ve ever met. If you are a guy in the DFW area looking to work for a small consulting firm you should definitely consider Miller & Associates.

So where am I going???? Countrywide. I don’t really want to talk about the position and what I’ll be doing there until I start. I’m not sure what kind of rules they have about blogging about work stuff. What I can say is that my commute is going from 70 miles to 26 miles and Countrywide’s benefits appear to be top-notch. I start on Monday, 4/23/07. I’ll post more about the position after I get settled in and know Countrywide’s policies.

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  1. Tim Sporcic

    You definitely don’t want to discuss what you’ll be working on. Could offend your new boss 😉

    We look forward to getting you in the door. See you in a week!

  2. Kelli Brown

    I am so disappointed there was no comment on how GREAT your recruiter at Countrywide was!

    Welcome aboard!

  3. erik

    Should I be honored or scared that my new boss and the HR dept are reading my blog? 🙂

    Hello Tim!
    Hello Kelli!

    Thanks for stopping by. Did I mention how excited I am to be going to work at Countrywide?


  4. Mark

    The driving part sounds all too familiar. What I lacked in distance (23 each way) I made up in horrible driving conditions. Each way was a best 55mins and at worse, let’s just say close to 3.

    So congrats and happy lack of driving to you. 😉

  5. Jeb

    Erik, You’re killing me. What am I going to do for Java expertise on the next project? Good luck in your new endeavor!

    Everyone I know at Countrywide says nothing but good things about the company. I hope it can weather the subprime mortgage mess.

    26 miles, you can bike that!

  6. erik

    Thanks Jeb! And if I may, please let me recommend a great consulting firm if you need some java help, contact Mark Miller & Associates. 😉


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